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Facial Steamer



Polycare Diagnostics is a leading company in medical equipment’s for health monitoring and therapy, and we supply Facial Steamer as well. The range of products includes nebulizers, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, digital fever thermometers and many more. Committed to offer the best in healthcare equipments to help you build a healthy lifestyle.


Facial Steamer Features:

  • For pore cleansing, deep hydration and purification of face
  • Removes grease and deep cleanses the skin
  • Promotes the face blood circulation and rejuvenates
  • Replenishes water, maintains water balance of skin, increases skin elasticity
  • Provides relief from cold and sinus problems
  • Can use with incense or essential oils to enjoy aromatherapy sauna at home
  • Helps to eliminate fatigue, eliminate pouch and black rim of the eye

Adding Herbs

You can take advantages of facial steamer after adding dried herbs and oils. These herbs are more effective for multiple skin types. These essential oils and herbs are considered to have a soothing or invigorating effect depending on what you’re after.

You can use herbs like Chamomile and Rosemary, and you can use Lavender, Geranium and orange oils in facial steamer. All of these herbs and oils are good for your skin.


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